Have you ever packed for a long trip away from home? If so, you probably spent time thinking about what kind of clothes to bring, what kind of books or toys to carry, what sort of medicine you might need, and trying to remember all the little things that you've forgotten.

Lewis and Clark had to prepare very carefully for their expedition West. They would be traveling to an unknown country, they would be gone for many years, and there would be no stores or shops along the way. If you were leading this important expedition, how would you prepare for the journey?

Take this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you would pack for the journey. For each question, click the circle next to your answer. At the end of the quiz, click "Score My Quiz." You'll then have a second chance to answer the questions you got wrong. At the end, you will learn more interesting facts about what Lewis and Clark brought on their journey.

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1. What characteristics would you look for in hiring a crew for your expedition?
a. Old friends who you enjoy spending time with
b. Strong, adventurous people
c. Experienced soldiers
d. Knowledgeable scientists
2. Lewis was the first captain of the expedition and therefore he was responsible for the success of the trip and the safety of the group. If you were Lewis, how would you prepare for the journey?
a. Studying astronomy, mathematics, medicine, botany, and navigation
b. Running and lifting weights
c. Publicizing the expedition in the newspaper
d. Meeting with each person and warning them about the dangers of the trip
3. A group of thirty-three people requires a lot to eat! What type of food would you bring along on the trip?
a. Fresh fruit and vegetables
b. Fresh meat, chicken, and fish
c. Bread, rice, and cereal
d. Condensed beef and vegetable soup
4. Lewis and Clark packed all of the following items, but which one did they consider the most important?
a. A canvas tent
b. Mosquito netting
c. Writing paper, ink, and pens
d. A knife
5. Lewis and Clark had never traveled to the western territory, but they knew the weather could get very cold. What kind of clothing do you think Lewis selected to keep his companions warm?
a. Flannel shirts
b. Fur-lined moccasins
c. Rubber boots
d. Ear muffs
6. The expedition had to begin by traveling 2000 miles upstream on the Missouri River. What kind of boat would you chose to carry your party?
a. A wooden dugout canoe
b. A flat-bottomed boat with a sail and oars
c. A sailboat
d. A raft
7. Lewis and Clark expected to encounter Native American tribes as they traveled west and they hoped to trade with them. What would you bring to trade with the Native Americans?
a. Chickens and geese
b. American money
c. Beads, sewing needles, and bright-colored cloth
d. Horse saddles
8. Without maps or directions, it was difficult for the expedition to find where they were going. Which of the following is a tool they used to help navigate?
a. A hatchet
b. A syringe
c. A whetstone
d. A chronometer
9. The expedition needed weapons so they could hunt and also protect themselves. What type of weapons would you bring?
a. Rifles
b. Revolvers
c. Bows and arrows
d. Cannons
10. In 1803, medicine was very different from what it's like today. Which of the following treatments did Lewis bring to cure illness and exhaustion?
a. Aspirin (to reduce fever)
b. Diaphoretic (to makes you sweat)
c. Leeches (to suck your blood)
d. Antibiotics (to reduce infection)