You are a reporter for your local paper. Your editor has just given you an assignment to cover the adventures of the Lewis and Clark expedition. You have been assigned the task of reporting on the completed expedition. Your editor wants you to focus on Lewis's negotiations with the native people he encountered on the way. Use this guide and Web links to do your research.

Follow the simple steps outlined below to write and print out your story.

Breaking News Topic

Your Editor: OK, kid, I just found out that Meriwether Lewis and the Corps of Discovery have made it back alive. I want to know about the Indians they met in the west. Were they peaceful or not? What happened out there?

Get out to Lewis's place now and see what you can find out. You have to file your story today, so make it snappy!

Before starting your story, write a headline and enter your byline. The headline should make someone who bought your newspaper want to read this story. The headline should be short and to the point. For this story, you are writing about the completion of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and whether it met its goal of establishing peaceful trade relations with the Indians.

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