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Scholastic Recommends: Grades K-3

Native American Collection: 8 Books
Set Includes
Children of the Earth and Sky
Giving Thanks
The Mud Pony
Snow Bear
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
The Rough-Face Girl
The Trail of Tears

Grades K - 3
Paperback Collection
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Scholastic Recommends: Grades 4-8

Lewis and Clark: In Their Own Words
by  George  Sullivan
Perfect for reading and reports, this series documents important historical figures using their own journals, art, and other primary sources.

Every volume uses black and white photographs and historic prints to tell the story of an important figure in American history. A chronology, bibliography, materials for further reading, and an index are also included to encourage students to research the people and events in more depth.

Grades 3 - 5
Paperback, 128 pp.
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The Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1804
by  Kathryn  Lasky
Scrawny Augustus doesn't know why they take him, but when Lewis discovers Augustus is literate, he asks him to log their discoveries. Through Augustus' account of the journey and his emerging friendship with guide Sacagawea, your child will learn about Lewis and Clark's incredible contributions.

Grades 4 - 8
Hardcover, 176 pp.
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by  Joseph  Bruchac
This captivating novel is told in alternating points of view by Sacajawea and by explorer William Clark. A unique blend of history and humanity provides an intimate glimpse into Sacajawea's legendary journey at age sixteen. Married and a mother, she has been taken from her Shoshone people and has been asked to join Lewis and Clark in their expedition to explore the land from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. As a translator, peacemaker, caretaker, and guide, young Sacajawea alone will make the historic journey of Lewis and Clark possible. "Lifelike and compelling." --Publishers Weekly.

Grades 7 - 9
Paperback, 208 pp
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Native American Experience Collection: 6 Books
Set Includes
Arilla Sun Down
Indian Chiefs
The Eagle's Shadow
The Legend of Jimmy Spoon

Grades 7 - 9
Paperback Collection
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Scholastic Recommends: Professional Books

Instant Internet Activities Folder: Lewis & Clark
Go exploring with Lewis and Clark through this handy Internet activities folder. Sturdy enough to stand next to your classroom computer, this folder contains:

a variety of Web resources related to Lewis and Clark
background information
an Internet scavenger hunt
reproducible worksheet, and more

Each of these Web-based activities is designed to help students develop critical-thinking skills and build Internet-research skills. Ideal for independent learning!

Grades 4 - 8
Paperback, 6 pp.
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Mapmaker's Toolkit : 1-Computer License
Mapmaker's Toolkit offers an easy way to select, customize, and print world, continent, country, and state maps.

Start by accessing a vast library of present-day and historical maps. Then customize your map with built-in layers, drawing tools, and hundreds of map symbols. Present your creations in print on the Internet!

Grades 4 - 12
Tom Snyder Productions
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