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Our America

Research and Presentation Rubric
Use the rubric below to assess students’ proficiency with the journal entry writing activity. Evaluate whether students’ skills are improving or where they may need additional support or instruction.


  • 5: proficient: a high degree of competence
  • 4: capable: an above-average degree of competence
  • 3: satisfactory: a satisfactory degree of competence
  • 2: emerging: a limited degree of competence
  • 1: beginning: No key elements are adequately developed.

Our America Journal

Name: Score
Uses a variety of technological and informational resources to gather knowledge  
Incorporates interesting historical facts with a personal story  
Transfers thoughts and impressions into a creative writing piece  
Can write in the informal style of a journal entry  
Participates in a project wrap-up discussion  
Can successfully use technology to post entry to the Our America online activity  
Divide subtotal by 6 to get Overall Score  

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