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Amazing Creatures

By: Student Scientist P.
California, Age 9

Can you imagine a blue tongued lizard, a blood sucking creature, a flying lizard, and a animal like a shield? Well you are about to! The blue tongued skink is a lizard with a blue tongue the size of his head! If it sees an enemy, it opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue. The big, blue tongue is so freaky that it scares other animals away. Have you heard of a bat that sneaks at night and sucks your blood? The vampire bat is not like other bats. Most bats like to eat fruit but this blood sucking creature likes to eat blood. Now if you are wondering about that monster that turns into a bat and sucks blood, the vampire is just like that but it is not a human that turns into a bat. Have you ever seen a lizard fly? The flying lizard has stretchy flaps of skin attached to its sides and back legs. It uses these flaps like wings to glide among the treetops. The giant pangolin is built like a tank. It has thick, overlapping scales all over its body. It can be up to six feet tall. That is as tall as a person. Well there you know all about these strange creatures.