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By: Student Scientist C.
New York, Age 10

1.why do bats live in caves?
hypotheisis,it is probably because caves are dark and bats probably because they like the dark.

2.why do bats attact people when they come in the cave?
hypotheisis,it is probably because they dont want anyone exept bats in their teratory.

bats are very dangerous because they attact you when you did not wake them from their nap bats are very blind so that is probably why attact you also bats aren't that bad they attact you because they are blind and your in their teratory and plus they think your going to harm them.

3.are bats really blind?
hypotheisis,i think they are because they can not see you and then they attact you

4.are all bats black?
hypotheisis,ithink no because i've seen brown bats in books.