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By: Ahana D.
India, Age 11

Like Stephen Hawking said aliens may be existing now at this moment in a nearby galaxy but with a advanced technology.Now here, I wanted to know some answers to these questions- ''What does aliens look like?'', ''What are there food source?'', ''What are they made up of?'' and a ton of other questions.
After internet surfing for an hour or so and looking into discovery channel's programs i guessed the answer, maybe it IS RIGHT or maybe it IS WRONG. I found out very little like - ''Aliens can look anyway, they must have at least two hind legs if they walk on land, if they live deep underwater like aliens of Europa (real scientist think there may be life on Europa) then they must have some sort of liquid or acid to make it glow like this sort''. About the food source I think-''Aliens may have different food source than ours like aliens may use lightning for food if they live in a stormy planet like Jupiter or they might use other chemical or iron like thing that are found on that planet or gases found on planet with lots of gases''. And as for ''what are they made up of?'' I guess they can be made up of well...I kind of don't know but they can be made up of unknown gases or chemical''.But even after these there are still questions in my mind that makes me curious like ''Can any of my theories be proven right? Are there aliens with my characteristics?'' Well i think NASA had told that by 2020 it may be possible to know and then I can tell if my thinking was right or not. As I already told that it was the help of Discovery channel especially Stephen Hawking who gave me inspiration and internet WIKIPEDIA who gave me general information.

Thank You for the time.