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1. What was the first country to give women the right to vote:
a. Australia
b. England
c. New Zealand
d. United States
2. Women in the United States won the right to vote in national elections in:
a. 1919
b. 1920
c. 1921
d. 1917
3. Which of the following women was not a suffragette?
a. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
b. Susan B. Anthony
c. Ellen Louise Axson Wilson
d. Carrie Chapman Catt
4. In Great Britain, militant suffragettes did the following:
a. broke windows
b. started fires
c. cut telegraph wires
d. all of the above
5. During World War I, suffragettes:
a. continued pushing for the right to vote
b. stopped their women’s rights campaign to support the war effort
c. fought as soldiers
d. none of the above
6. In order to win the right to vote, some suffragettes engaged in:
a. picketing
b. citizenship
c. adoption
d. ratification
7. Alice Paul led a group of _____ suffragettes who tried to win the right to vote by marching and hunger strikes.
a. militant
b. federal
c. citizen
d. peaceful
8. Suffrage is:
a. the right to vote
b. the right for women to vote
c. the women who fought for women’s rights
d. the fight for women’s rights
9. The 19th Amendment was _____ in 1920
a. amended
b. abolished
c. adopted
d. enfranchised
10. Ratification means:
a. to catch a rat
b. to make valid
c. to vote
d. to abolish