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  An Accidental Adventure (series) by C. Alexander London

Review by: Bella D.
Indiana, Grade 3

The interesting thing I liked about this book was that Celia and Oliver would go on a lot of adventures like traveling to Tibet and the Gorge River. They would see very cool animals like yetis and yaks. Oliver and Celia did not like to explore but their dad made them because he was an explorer. They also went into a cave when they fell down into the gorge. When they went in the cave a lot of bats flew out and scared them! Then I liked the time they fell out of a plane because Dr. Navel Oliver and Celia's dad annoyed the stewardess on the plane and she made them leave the plane while it was still flying. Thankfully they had a raft to help them land!

I liked this book because Oliver and Celia would have to go on adventures but they just wanted to watch tv. Oliver and Celia lived on the 4 1/2th floor, a special floor of their apartment building. Since their dad was a discoverer in the Explorer Club, Oliver and Celia were able to go on these adventures. They got to meet a monk, poisonous witches and a lot of spirit! It made me a little scared when they talked about the yeti! The book kept my attention because there was a lot of action and they went all around the world!

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