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  Four Perfect Pebbles by Lila Perl and Marion Blumethals Lazan

Review by: Julie P.
Florida, Grade 8

I sometimes wish that I did live back when the Holocaust was around just to see what it was like but I no longer have to wish this book made me feel what it would have been like to be a Jewish person living back in the 1940s. To know what it would have been like to have to move around all the time just looking for somewhere safe to hide.

Marion was my favorite part of the story. She is so full of life and feelings that she just wanted to get off her chest. She was a little girl that had to grow up moving all the time just to stay safe. They moved around a lot so that the can stay together as a family.

Can you imagine a knock at the door at five a.m. and having the Nazis take your father away with them with no explanation. I guess the reason people put up with stuff like that was because they were too afraid of what would happen to them if they spoke up. The only reason the Blumenthals didn’t move when the Holocaust began was because of her father, Walter’s parents. They were old and said that it would be over soon and they would not need to move. They were sadly mistaken. They passed away about two years later and that when the Blumenthals decided to move. They moved Holland where they thought that they would be safe.

Just before they plan to leave to go to America the Nazis get them! They are boarded on a train and are on their was to a death camp but they never arrive. Toward the end, when the war is almost over, the last of the Jews are put on a train. They think that they are going to the death camp for the “Final Plan” but they never arrive. The first night no one called for them so they got out of the train and found food to eat but got back on the train and slept. The train stopped moving and the Nazis would close the doors to the train every night but most of the passengers got very sick and died. They were now living on a train with unsanitary conditions and left there. They soon found out that Hitler has surrendered. The Jews left the train and found houses in farmhouses but would soon have to leave because of the food shortages.

To find out if the Blumenthals ever make it to America you have to read this book! I fell in love with this book and I only wish that there was more

I loved this book because it taught me not to take things for granted. Jews were stuck living in unsanitary conditions and they would wake up the next morning not knowing if they would be there the next moring. I think that people take things for granted and we need to learn not to do that becuase Albert and Marion never even got a real child hood.

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