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  Grade 6 Reviews
  A Series of Unfortunate Events #4: The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket

Review by: Julian L.
Other, Grade 6

Even though I haven’t been in such misery, I like reading the books of the same author, Lemony Snicket. He has done 10 books of the series and read, “ The Miserable Mill”. It was the best; it made you have a good grasp of the story, making you want to read the rest of the book. Where the Baudelaire children that are orphans are set to a new guardian after Count Olaf killed the other guardian in the past. They have to work in a factory for their shelter and food. They would get a piece of gum for lunch, and have a cassoulet for dinner. Count Olaf is disguised and works at a eye doctor house, he is disguised as women, so his two ways to know its him is gone, an eye tattoo on his leg and a long eyebrow.

One the reasons I love the book is because of the misery they get into and then with teamwork it disappears, and the how the orphans solve it in the children’s point of view. Klaus my favorite character, he seems to know everything in any situation and he has a problem and I was so anxious to know it. The author makes me feel, see, and hear the trouble, in a way that I understand the story. The characters Sunny and Violet the two sisters, have to help Klaus.

The story is located around mountains and forest and the town is a kind of upside down, because they make walls out of newspaper, write letters with shuwed-up gum, and other wacky things. The area which the baudelaires where staying is in an area at the end of the town and had three buildings, the dormitory, the supply area, and the main room, where the boss stayed.

When Klaus comes back after breaking his glasses, he was hypnotized and everytime he went back he was hypnotized again, so you would want to keep turning the pages of the book. Klaus was a big reason why I wanted to keep reading.

The genre is a kind-of adventure and mystery, because you don’t really know, where is he? It is an adventure because it makes me feel that something can happen even though the situation is really bad. Klaus was programmed to kill the boss’s friend and something worse happened, his troupe came.

A quote that I took from the story is, “The name on the nameplate is boss, that is who I am”. It reminded me from how a boss should act after such misery and finished his words by saying; “The Baudelaires brings misery wherever they go, so leave”, in a harsh way.

The style that the author gives is a style which makes want to finish the book in one day even though it took me 2. It makes you have good grasp of the book and his style doesn’t make you distracted in any way. I think that his style is good for middle school students to read because they would learn new vocabulary and love the book.

I love the book, because of all the misery, the bad friends, uncomfortable mornings, how thy express their feelings. It is a great novel for kids under 14 because I have experimented and they say it is boring. The kids have the three things that are needed to help them with any problem that appears, a brain of a book, a inventor, and a person who can bite anything, another reason why I like the book is because of the source of teamwork.

Lemony Snicket likes to work with his colleague Brett Helquist, that makes wacky cool drawings, he has done ten books of the series,he has had honorable mention and other awards.

I liked the book because of how the author makes you grasp the story in a good way, to teach a moral.

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