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  Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Review by: Elijah G.
Florida, Grade 8

It makes you feel like you are in her shoes whenever she had any on.

Reading the Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank was a very good experience. When ever I

read it put me in the mind set of a teenager in that situation, it makes you feel the tension in the

house, and it makes u feel like you’re in the house with all of the stowaways.

This book begins on June 14, 1942. She just gets her diary for her birthday. The

prosecution of jews has already started and thing were getting worse by the moment. Then

Margot (Anne’s older sister) gets a letter in the mail to be deported to a concentration camp. This

forces them to go into hiding earlier then expected. This makes the diaries much more exciting.

Then friends of the franks join them in hiding. These friends don’t become as friendly as before.

Its just like when u have a long car ride with you’re family. You get tired of everyone

quick. The arguments they have become very repetitive and Anne get tired of them very quickly.

For Anne things only start getting better when she starts to find an attraction towards peter (the

Van Daans son).

The characters in this book are all different in there own way. You only really get to see

Annes real characteristics threw her diary. Margot is mostly quiet and shy. Peter is also quiets but

changes in the middle of the diary. Mrs frank is a normal housewife but doesn’t realize what she

says most of the time. Mr frank is the leader out of all of them and always thinks for the group

and not for himself. Mr Van Daan is selfish but can be good at some times. Mrs

Van Daan is a trouble maker and speaks vers brashly. Mr Dussel the dentist is old and bitter but

doesn’t get in many arguments. To find out what the other characters are like u will have to read

this great book yourself.

This book will take u to the “secret annexe” as Anne called it and keep you in there until

the end. it will make u think of what a teenager in the 1940's would be like. The next time u get a

book and can get hold of this one make sure u do it will keep you reading until the end. I found

this book extremely good and I think you will too.

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