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  Drought by Pam Bachorz

Review by: Kendyll S.
Connecticut, Grade 7

The book I read was Drought by Pam Bachorz. I absolutely loved the book and couldn't stop reading. I would give this book 4 stars. 17 year old Ruby Prosser wants to escape the Congregation and won't stop until she has her way. If Ruby leaves, the Congregation will die without the secret ingredient she puts in the water, her blood. I couldn't believe that Ruby sneeks out of her cabin every night and slashes her arm with a sharp rock and drips three or more drops of blood into the cisterns to create the prolonging water. Her sacred blood is a secret that only her and the Elders know of. As leader of the Congregation she stays enduring and waiting for their savior, Otto (Ruby's father). Darwin West is the top Overseer that forces all of the Congregants to gather the life prolonging water with pewter cups and plastic spoons while he watches from the shade.

When a Congregant doesn't complete their quota that Congregant is beaten with a chain. These Congregants have been trapped there for over 200 years living like slaves with only food and water on special occasions which doesn't happen often. Even when they do get food it's only a cold bowl of old oatmeal. I couldn't believe that they weren't starving or dying, but I knew going that long with out eating must have been very difficult! If any of the Water is stolen there would be a consequence. Ruby meets a new Overseer about her age named Ford. No one is supposed to love an Overseer, but Ruby does anyway. They want their secret love to last forever, but they can't keep hiding hoping not to get caught. Before the summer ends and Darwin gets new Overseers, Ford secretly takes Ruby out of the village to go to the movies. No Congregant has ever left the village. They thought their plan would work, but they were wrong. Ruby's mother, Sula, was hiding in the bushes when Ruby came home from her date with Ford. She saw everything. Will Ruby and Ford's romance stay a secret, or will Sula tell everyong? Will Otto ever rescue the Congregants or will Darwin West rule forever?

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