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  Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Review by: Corey A.
Massachusetts, Grade 11

The title of my independent reading book is Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl. The author of my independent reading book is Anne Frank. My book is generally about a girl and the struggles she had to go through as a young girl being a Jewish child. The main character of my book is Anne Frank.
The people that the main character of my book has problems with are the Naziís. The role that the Naziís play in the book is they are searching for the Anne Frank and all the Jewish people. The issue or problem between Anne Frank and the Naziís is she is in hiding and they are searching for her and all Jews. The actions or sequence of events that caused this conflict is the beginning of WWII. The result and outcome of this is that in two years Anne Frank will eventually die right before the war is over.

I chose this book because I thought that it would be a good read and that I was always interested in the struggles that the Jewish community had to go through as a whole. The major theme in this book I think is the struggle. They are revealed and developed through this book in a whole she pretty much talks about it. I think that the theme is for her time original no one could copy it. The theme if I had to chose would be escapist because it just doesnít seem real to her.
My initial reaction to the text is that I would never have expected this kind of maturity from anyone of the age she was it was the most impressive book Iíve read in a while content wise. I feel this way because todayís youth are just so immature and could never write anything of this caliber ever especially in the situation she is in. This book compared to other books I have read is a very tough read but it is worth it to complete. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is doing anything on WWII because it is pretty much the best way to get the outlook of someone of the Jewish background and see what they have been through.

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