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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Drought by Pam Bachorz

Review by: Sydney F.
Connecticut, Grade 7

The book Drought by Pam Bachorz had some elements that are different from any other book I've read. It really interested me at first, but after awhile it felt like it just dragged on, until the end. Because of the heart-thumping ending I do recommend this book to others. The characters live in a world like the past, but they are really in the present. This one detail that really surprised me was that the main character, Ruby Prosser a seventeen year-old girl, has to donate her own blood into the water that the ''congregants'' collected. She has been doing this since her father, Otto, left because she has special blood that helps sustain the ''congregation'' that she lives in. When people wouldn't meet their daily quota for collecting water the man who controlled them, Darwin West, would give them beatings, but Ruby's mother would always volunteer to take other peoples share of whips. So, after her mother would be limp and practically lifeless the Elders, a group of people who were chosen to be able to know Ruby's blood secret, would bring Mother back to their one room house so Ruby could heal her wounds. Also every other night or so Ruby would sneak out to the cisterns to add her blood, only a few drops at a time, into the cisterns.

That is where she met Ford, which brings me to my next and final topic. Ford is meant to be a mean, and evil overseer who controls, beats, and disciplines the ''toads'', as Darwin calls the slaves. However , Ford is sweet and caring to Ruby, without anybody else seeing them. He would meet Ruby at the cisterns when she would put her blood in, although he never figured out what she was really doing until the end of the book, to talk to her. He was trying to get her to run off with him constantly through out the book, so it made him seem weak at some points, but yet so strong when she described his muscles and tattoos. Her mother disapproved of Ford because he was a filthy overseer, but Ruby continued to sneak behind her back. Her mother got so angry anout the situation that she went to desperate measures. If you want to find out how the book plays out you should read the book! I give this book three stars.

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