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  Grade 10 Reviews
  The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

Review by: Thalia M.
Texas, Grade 10

The main character Bobby tells his own story of him being a single father. He is comparing the now and then of how his life was before and how it is now.

The story takes place in the city he does not really say where exactly he is at but, he does say he is in the city .“Who lived in the city .He was born in the city, loved the city and never ever wanted to be anywhere else but the city”

Bobby has to raise his daughter Mia on his own. He is a single father 16 years old. Feather’s mom (Nia) has brain damage so she cannot be there for her daughter Feather.

The story is written in 1st point of view. Because Bobby is telling us his own story and what he is going through.

The story is set up as an now and then. This is like 2 stories’s put together. The “now” part is of how his life is after having Feather and raising her. The, “then” part is how his life and Nia’s was before they had feather and before Nia’s brain damage.

I was surprised by reading this story because normally is the mom who tells the story. What they have to go through their pregnancy In this case it is the father telling the story and having to raise his daughter on his own in the city.

According to Encyclopedia of World Biography, Angela Johnson has been writing books since 1989 Angela Johnson’s books are all about growing up, being a teenager, and real life stuff. She was born in 1961 Tuskegee, Alabama. Angela loves to write books about teens and kids she says it is much more interesting then and adult’s life.

I would recommend this book to teenagers. So they can see that being a teen parent is not so easy. It is a confusing book but it is a pretty good book on explaining what being a teen parent is.

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