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  Grade 10 Reviews
  The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

Review by: Graciela V.
Texas, Grade 10

In the Novel, the first part last, the author “Bobby”- uses first person point of view to shape up his story. This book the characters are Bobby (Main character), Feather (Bobby’s daughter), Nia (Bobby’s girlfriend), Mary bobby’s mom), Fred (Bobby’s dad), Paul (Bobby’s brother).
Bobby is 16 years old. His father to a beautiful baby girl named Feather. Bobby is the only one telling the story. He also expresses how, he feels about the whole journey, he going through. Bobby is trying to go to school and come home to Feather, as fast as he can. His girlfriend is suffering from brain damage.Nia taught about adoption. But Bobby decides to take Feather to his own hands to raise Feather. Bobby decides it to take home Feather to Heaven.
Writer’s Style
In this book there’s a Now and Then. In the Now’s Bobby talks about his exercises with his baby daughter, and how he gets through life, raising Feather the best as he can. In the Then’s Bobby talks about the past, and how it was Nia being pregnant of Feather. The writer’s style is different, because of the Now’s and Then’s.
Your Connection/Reaction to the story
I think I know how Bobby feels throughout the book. This book reminds me how it has to be a teen parent at a young age. I can relate to him. Finally I know that I’m not the only one going through the same thing as Bobby . The movie “Baby daddy” relates to my book named the first part last, because in the movie there’s 3 baby daddies, and that’
Author’s boi and Bibliography/Textual evidence
Angela’s books for young children are simple yet poetic stories about African American families, friendships, and common childhood experiences such as moving. Her books for older children also revolve around similar themes but also explore deeper issues such as teen pregnancy and divorce. In all the characters are realistic and the treatment sensitive, positive, and hopeful. “for a while I thought what I just told them about Nia being pregnant had turned both of them into stone.”

This is one of those book that I can star rate it with a FIVE, because this book is so real to me than just any book out there. This is one of the first book that I pay attention, and remember what I read. I think this book should be read by people who are teen parent. It will make those teen that there’s a million out there with the same situations.

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