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  Grade 10 Reviews
  One Liter of Tears by Aya Kitou

Review by: SABRINA G.
Missouri, Grade 10

The publishing of a young girl from Japans diary published in 1986 shortly before her death, translated into english.
Aya kitou at 14 was diagnosed with spinocellular degeneration disease, a disease which causes the cerebellum to degernerate to the point where the victim can no longer talk or move freely, and you slowly loose control of all motor functions.
she started writing in her diary which became a safe haven for her feelings, wishes, and emotions which she couldn't physically express or say because of the disease, she wrote in this diary for five consecutive years before she lost the ability to write further at age 20-21.
Aya's diary has even inspired a movie and TV show in Japan, which is one of japans most known stories internationally.
she lived from 1962-1988, and passed away due to complications from the disease at age 25.

The reason I why I like this book, is because it really touches you.
everything in this book was real, it was the feeling of a real handicapped girls heart, everyday, even when she couldn't walk properly, even when she struggled to hold her pen, she wrote in the diary, and made sure to do it as often as she could, she even stated ''I write because it's evidence I'm still alive!'' her bravery and resolve to keep living was touching. people here want to commit sucide over trivial things like love and work, however this young girl, who couldn't walk, couldn't speak, and was living a life with no bright future awaiting her, gave us this message. just being alive is a wonderful thing. after reading it, even though you don't know the author personally, even though it doesn't have anything to do with the reader, even just a little bit, you feel a difference.
I feel I can view life differently
thanks to Aya's encouragement.
before Aya died, she wanted to go into humanities to help others, I think she accomplished that goal, to help others, with this book.

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