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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Flight of the Dragon Kyn (Dragon Chronicles) by Susen Fletcher

Review by: Ally F.
Washington, Grade 7

This book flight of the dragon Kyn is a great addition to the Dragon Chronicles! Everybody should read it because it is a very adventures book.

The main character is a girl named Kara who can call down birds. In the beginning she is in the forest and sees the guards from the castle arrive with the king’s brother and sheep. She later finds out that the sheep are to be traded for her but for good reason. The king thinks that since she can call down birds she can call down dragons. The king wants to get rid of the dragons so, and she goes with the king’s brother willingly because the dragons are stealing all the livestock and if she doesn’t go everyone will die. So the brother of the king promised to treat her like the kings one kin. But we find out later that he lied about that and treated her rather poorly and the men taunted her. Later the sister of the king shows up and scolds her brother for treating her so poorly and takes her into her own hands. Thou they did fight about it a bit and practically played tug of war with her. The sister won and made her brother pout. That is just the highlights of the first few chapters. The next few chapters get intense. How she gets to the castle is not described but the story of why she can call down birds is when she was small she came down with Vermillion fever. As she had it her breath was becoming fainter and fainter and one day it just stopped and everyone thought she was dead and left her in a cave a dragon supposedly nursed her to health and she wobbled home. I refuse to give away the ending but if it sounds interesting to you, then you should read it. However this is the second book in the series so be sour to read first one the first one.

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