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  Fear Street: Missing by R.L. Stine

Review by: Kyla H.
Ohio, Grade 5

I like how suprising it is with all the mysteries i feel inside the book right now i think other people would like it to with all the mysteries and action and how they put all the settings and all the caracheters they put in it.I also like how the guys girlfriend shows up when she hasnt been existed in a month and she just goes to their house and shows them where their parents were when they found them and how that poor dog dies when mark was out looking for his girlfriend gena and how they go from one place to another place like home to a car to a house to the woods and so on.If you like spooky stories and blood and guns and people dying with knifes in their heads then htis would be a good book for you i hope you like the book!

I dont like how their parents are missing and then when they find them they are about to be killed and how they threw a party without their permission.I also dont like it when and where they find their parents.I also hate that alot of people die and alot of bad guys and good guys they dont even know about when they think their evil but not.If i was mark or cara i would be like what the you are a good guy and you are a bad guy,and how that white monkey head follows mark everywhere he goes and suppected that somthing what happens with that but i still dont know even after reading the book.I am still creeped out that when mark went to see gena he fell down on the ground and hurt his hand reall bad it stated to bleed super bad it was disquesting.

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