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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Nevermore #8: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure by James Patterson

Review by: Stormy G.
Florida, Grade 10

Interesting fact: you can hardly tell which way is up and which way is down in this book. It will be sure to keep you on your toes...

Please, someone, tell me what I just read. That was absolutely face-keyboarding at it's best.

First off, the title. We go from Fang, Max, Angel to...Nevermore. What the heck?

Next, the lack of any plot and general out-of-characterness everywhere. The plot: Max's job is to save the world. Knowing that, what does she do? Mope around like Bella from Twilight, and have relationship problems. Max's character is NOT mushy. She is not mushy, or corny, or romantic. It makes me want to die reading her as such, and believe me dear reader, in this she is all that and worse. As a writer myself, I wince at the OOC going on here.

Up to the bat after that, I have an issues with the LACK OF ANYTHING BEING TIED UP AT THE END. What about everyone else? What happened? Who is Max with, at this point? 'Cause she seems to have a habit of changing her mind over....and over...and over again. And Angel. What is with her? Don't say that this and this happened to her, when she is in no way affected. You have any idea how confusing that is?

Another thing I have a bone to pick with, is how short and rushed this book is. The text is enlarged to make up for how short it is, for god's sake. All in all, I'm extremely disappointed in James Patterson. I think this book could have been much better than it was, and I do not plan on reading anything else by him for a long while.

To finish, I would NOT recommend this book to anyone. Ever. Go Wikipedia what happens, and then move on, because that book is a waste of time.

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