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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

Review by: Ryder L.
Minnesota, Grade 10

Personally I really enjoyed the book Old Yeller by Fred Gipson, and I would recommend it to any reader sixth grade and up. It is a great adventure book, and there is never a dull moment. There is a great description of all of the characters, and the plot, so it is a very easy book to follow. It is great story if you love animals and nature. It portrays the journey of a boy’s growing relationship with a dog, and how the boy becomes a man along the way. The writing is for the most part easy to follow because Fred Gipson, goes into great detail in every scene. It is one of those books that catches your eye from the very beginning, and is hard to put down after you get into reading it.

The book takes you back to central Texas in the late 1860s where all of the animals graze freely and wander about. The people drink from a spring and live off of cornmeal and wild game such as squirrels and deer. Horses are used for transportation and it really has an old west feel to it. The book really portrays a strong bond between the main character, Travis, and his dog Old Yeller. Despite Old Yeller's first impression as a thieving rascal, Travis grows to like him because he never backed down when it came to sticking up for his family. He also helped Travis hunt, mark livestock, particularly pigs, and he saved Travis's life.

I really liked Old Yeller. It is very realistic and there was never a point in reading it where I thought to myself, ''that could never happen, or well that isn't possible''. It seemed like a true story as simple as a boy becoming a man with the help of his dog who he eventually has to shoot in the end. I would strongly recommend this book because it teaches the reader how to forgive and forget. It also inspires the reader to think that anything is possible, because Travis overcomes a lot of obstacles before he becomes a man, and receives a horse from his dad as a gift. The author takes you right into every scene in the book, and it is almost like I have lived what Travis lived after reading it, despite it being a fictional story. The book had such a real feeling to it and was a great book right up to the last page. Sure, there is one downfall to the book; Travis has to shoot poor Old Yeller after he catches hydrophobia, which is like rabies, from a mad wolf. But, I truly feel that without having to do this Travis would have never taken that final step towards manhood, and the message wouldn't have been as strong. That you have to forgive, and even sometimes forget. Throughout the whole book this message is often portrayed. I really recommend you read it if you want to see for yourself. Even if none of this catches your eye, give it a try, because I am sure that Old Yeller is the book for you.

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