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  Grade 6 Reviews
  Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rodes

Review by: Ben N.
New Jersey, Grade 6

Morgan Rodes

Falling Kingdoms is a wonderful science fiction/fantasy book that is good for people that like books that vary from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones. In the book the point of view is in the third person, and the perspective changes to each kingdom in the book. In the book there are multiple main characters, a few from each kingdom. From the Kingdom of Limros, a prospectus kingdom that has been facing trouble with climate change, there is princess named Lucia who was adopted at birth into the royal family, she does not know about the legacy of magical power she is distend to wield. Also from Limros there is Prince Mangus, who is bread for aggression and is a master with swords and all other fighting. From the Kingdom of Auruous, a princess Cleo, that has been raised in pampered luxury her entire life. Cleo must fight what she believes is right. And from the poor slums in Palastea a Rebel, Jonas is plotting to avenge his brotherís death, his brother being murdered by a member of the royal family.

This book written by Morgan Rhodes has many parts that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this book there are no parts that will bore you. Even from the first page there is an assassination going on, and there is never a part in the book were you would want to put the book down. There are also many morals to this story such as Friendship, Never trust a person whose secrets you donít know. Like when the king of Limros kills the Chief of Palastia to get all of the wealth from Auruous, which they had just invaded. And many other great lessons that you will take away from the story.

This book made me feel so many different emotions through the book. I felt super excited and at the edge of my seat during the wars and battles, I felt surprised when there was an unexpected twist in the plot. I also felt upset when the story said good-bye to some amazing and courageous characters in the story. The plot is very unpredictable, like the time when Lucia from Limros found out that she could control elementia. Or when Sabana suddenly turned her knife on the unsuspecting Mangus. Or when Cleo of Auruous ran away to Palastea to find a cure to her sisterís disease. With so many twists and turns in the story you are sure to love this story.

Magic also plays a part in Falling Kingdoms. In the book there are many watchers, which are like magical beings that watch over the world while in paradise. But a watcher can become mortal and keep some of there powers. The watcher is called an exiled watcher because they chose to be exiled form paradise. The watchers watch Lucia, because of her special powers. Another magical piece in the story is when the two Goddess, one of Auruous and one of Limros fought and basically doomed the fate of the world, but an exiled watcher who left paradise to find a new life can help save world (I will not say the name of this watcher because it ruins the story) because they kept her/his powers.

In end we have, in this story: many strong willed characters that believe in and fight for their kingdoms. I would recommend this book to my friends because there is a very small amount of romance; which is something some hate in a book. In the book there are also lot of great magical elements. You should read this amazing story and I promise at the end of the story you will be begging for the second book!

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