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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Freakling by Lana Krumwiede

Review by: Skylar D.
Wisconsin, Grade 7

When I first checked it out in the library I thought, ďFreakling? Really?Ē then I remembered donít judge a book the cover. So I read the inside cover and checked it out, read it, and thought the book was a really good book. What I liked about the book was the action and adventure it had, but what I didnít like so much were all the funny words that didnít make much sense and I didnít know how to pronounce. Some of the main characters were Teamon, Yens, Moke, Da, Mam, Elder Naseph, and Uncle Fierre. I recommend this book to people who like action and adventure. This book is adventure and mystery because Teamon is finding all sorts of crazy things with his psi and its sort of a mystery to find out who will become the true son, Teamon or Yens?

One thing about this book is that the world isnít like our world. For vehicles they have unispheres and quadriders. They use psi to do almost everything. Thereís also a lot of arguing and bickering. There are a couple of almost deaths. Teamon (TAY MON) is the main character, heís always fighting with his older brother Yens. He makes two friends named Moke, and Amma. This is the first book Iíve read where it doesnít start out boring.

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