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  Borderlands The Fallen by John Shirley

Review by: Matthew D.
Wisconsin, Grade 7

I came across the Borderlands video game series one year ago from my brother but I got hooked to it and the funniest thing happened I came across this book looking for a new book to read. Itís the best book I ever read because it has an epic story, characters you can relate to sometimes, and the way John Shirley wrote the book with all the suspense. It just kept on getting me to start reading whenever I saw it and it is a hybrid book which made it better the adventure with the sci-fi.

Once I started to read the setting it got kind of bland because itís in a desert for the whole time and in all reality the game takes place in more than the desert but most of it is so that kind of got me sick of reading it for a while. But what makes up for it is the way the author puts the words in to make it so suspended and exciting. It takes place mostly on the plant of Pandora it is way different than the happy place Pandora in the movie Avatar it is the complete opposite because everything what wants to kill you and eat you! Like the Rack the bird bat like organism itís just acting like a vulture just circling around you like a scary beast. Donít forget the one and only psychos that are kill crazy and just want to throw a buzz axe at you isnít there anything cuter. The four man characters are just plain awesome like Roland a former mercenary that is on a job to make the big money on hell. Zac Finn a pussy turned into a psychotic maniac that will do anything for his family. But donít forget his wife Marla who will do anything to find or kill anyone who will try to kill her son Cal. Cal is Rolandís first friend but Cal learns the hard way. Letís see if they want to live there going to have to survive on Pandora but they have to adapt to the environment of being killed the hole time so they are going to find the way out. But if they forget to have a weapons say goodbye to them.

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