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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep

Review by: Alysa M.
Michigan, Grade 10

Something interesting about this book was the whole idea of Gwen being Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory's champion. I enjoy all of the Mythological names included in the book because it adds more depth to the book itself. I found my self looking up names in the book to make connections with Mythology, such as Nyx, Gwen's pet wolf, is named after the Greek Goddess of Night.

The main starting point of the book is when Gwen Frost is at the Library of Antiques doing her every day job of whatever the librarian, Nickamedes, asks of her. When Gwen sees someone toying with her water and slipping a substance in it, she immediately goes after them, knowing that whoever just slipped the pouch into her water is a Reaper of Chaos. When Gwen goes after the Reaper, Nickamedes does not notice what is going on and drinks the water. after the fight, Nickamedes collapses on the floor and Gwen realizes that Nickamedes was poisoned by the water. After searching for a cure, she finds out that his only chance of survival is to consume an Ambrosia flower. This task seems simple, but there is only one place where Gwen knows to get one of these flowers... It could be a trap from the Reapers to lure Gwen and her Friends to somewhere nobody can help them... Gwen is willing to take the risk, but she has to be careful. Romance, action, and comedy all perfectly mixed together is what Midnight Frost is made up of. The beginning of this book makes you want to KEEP READING! Page after page I just could not stop! I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of all the action and romance. There was also some mystery in the book- Would Gwen find the ambrosia flower and bring it back to Nickamedes? Will there be a trap on the way to the flower? I was very excited every time I picked the book up, wondering what was going to happen next. Every time I put the book down, I was left wondering how things that happened in the recent chapter would affect things in the future chapters. I don't think there was anything I didn't like about this book. Overall, I give this book because it has been one of my favorites in the Mythos Academy series and more yet to come!

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