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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Boys Without Names by Kashmira Sheth

Review by: Natalia B.
Illinois, Grade 7

Boys Without names is a sad and heart touching story by Kashmira Sheth. 11 year old Gopal and his family can not afford to pay their farm anymore so they must move into a huge city called Mumbai. Baba who is Gopals father goes out to find a job but doesnít come back. Gopal is eager to find a job so he goes out and meets a boy named Jatin. Jatin coaxes Gopal to come with him because he has a job for him in a nice factory. But this is all a big trap. Gopal i now stuck in a terrible factory putting beads on frames with five other boys. He is working for a man named Scar which Gopal named him after the Scar on his cheek because he didnít know his real name. He does not get paid for his work but he does get small portions of food and a place to live. Gopal gives names for the other 5 boys too. They all seem mean at first but later on they secretly start becoming friends with Gopal and he tells them stories every night. Gopal realizes that storytelling might be the boys key to survival. Gopal has some real adventures with the boys and they might make a plan to escape from the dreadful boss and finally get back to their families.

I really liked this book because all of the boys start to become friends by sitting in a circle and telling stories. I disliked some of the parts in the book because they were really sad and emotional. My favorite character in this book would be Gopal because hes really caring, good-hearted, courageous, intelligent and understanding.

I would recommend this book to someone that likes to read fiction, sad, touching, Indian or unpredictable stories.

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