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  Grade 6 Reviews
  The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Review by: Gabriella P.
Pennsylvania, Grade 6

Hazel Grace Lancaster, is a sixteen year girl with stage four thyroid cancer and lung troubles. Hazel doesn't leave her house much, though. Instead she mostly lays in bed and ponders death. So her mother decides she's depressed. Hazel doesn't disagree (''Depression is a side effect of dying'', she states). So Hazel's mother sends her to a support group for teens with cancer. One day at support group one of her support group friend, Isaac, who lost an eye to cancer, brought a friend, Augustus Waters. He has a prosthetic leg from cancer before. He is very attractive and can not take his eyes off of Hazel. Soon after that Augustus invites Hazel over. They soon become very close, flirtatious friends. Hazel shares about her favorite book, and they both discuss the mysterious ending of the book. Augustus then somehow gets in touch with the author of the book, Peter Van Hough. Hazel, Augustus, and Hazel's mother of course travel to Amsterdam to meet the author. When they visit the author of the book but he seems to have been very drunk and unknowing of what he was saying about cancer and how people with it are mistakes. Hazel and Augustus are very angry and leave.

They arrive back home and find Isaac recovering from surgery which made him blind and a broken heart because of his heartless girlfriend dumping him. While days goon Augustus' cancer is growing very fast. Augustus Died in his sleep. Augustus died. Hazel is filled with sorrow and grief. At Augustus' funeral she is surprised to see Peter Van Hough there. He says to her '' The fault is not in the stars but in ourselves.'' This sunk into Hazels mind. Hazel didn't think that cancer would hold her back from living out her life. She explains that she didn't think she had to make this big legacy as Augustus did to be remembered. She loved Augustus. Now he is gone but she will always remember their little infinity together and to live out her life like he wanted her to, to be happy and enjoy it while it lasted.
I definitely loved this book and recommend it especially teenagers and mature readers.

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