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  A Brother's Journey by Richard B. Pelzer

Review by: Megan T.
Texas, Grade 9

This book is an amazing story! You need to read the three books by his brother, David Pelzer, in order to extremely touched at heart. David Pelzer's ''A Child Called It'', ''The Lost Boy'', and ''A Man Named Dave'' are what made me decided to read this book. After reading, ''A Brother's Journey'' I will forever and always have an opened preception of all that can happen and what has happened for some people. It is naturally thought that fathers are the generally more abusive person, and when reading this, I know that it isn't always true.

I loved this book, because again, it opened my eyes. SO MANY people knew of what was happening within the walls of that house. The people knew who was resposible for it and people still did NOTHING. Richard had one person that would semi-help outside of his home. She'd see him and give him a donut and hot chocolate, he would pay only one dollar. People do care, it's not hard to tell, they are just to scared to step up and do the right thing, and this book shows what can happen if you don't. This great pice of work shows the impacts on not only your life, but people around yours, so why not step up and help!

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