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  Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Review by: Raya P.
Delaware, Grade 5

This is about a girl named Anne Frank and her family.She is juish and back then you were not allowed to be juish.So her and her family hid they hid in a aprment in there was a library shelf for the door so they could not see them . but one day a girl saw them and came and took them to a camp and they got tored but the every body died but the father and she wrote a dirary.

I really like this book and I think you will like it to.It is sad but it tells a really really amazing story about her and her family.But we are so grateful tody that we can belive in who we want to belive in and we dont have to hide just because we want to belive in something.Who ever is reading this now I really hope you read this book.If you do read this book I hope you really like it and tell someone else about it so they can read it and beacause i like it That is why i think you should read this book.

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