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  Divergent by Veronica Roth

Review by: Felecia S.
Kansas, Grade 10

One interesting thing about the book Divergent is that it is similar to the hunger games in my opinion. It is similiar because of the different groups they are split into. For hunger games it is the districts. For Divergent it the five Factions. That is the only reason I think that The Hunger Games is similiar to Divergent. Other than that, Divergent has its own unique story.

I really liked this book because I love action and adventure. This book had a ton of that in it. The book divergent is basically about a girl named Beatrice (Tris) Prior who comes from an abnegation home, and enters into the life of a dauntless. She has to make the decision to leave her
family behind. I like how she finds out that she is divergent and has to struggle to keep it a secret. She doesn't know how to control it at first and it put her being able to get into dauntless at risk. Being divergent is a threat. And that put a lot of action into the book because they want to get rid of everyone who is divergent. I like how the author put some romance into this book as well to spice it up a bit. Tris and Four eventually open up to their feelings for each other and end up staying together till the end of the book. The end of this book really ended in a lot of chaos, so I am looking forward to reading book two, insurgent.

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