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  Dogs on Duty: Soldiers' Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Review by: Olivia D.
Michigan, Grade 4

Dogs on Duty is a tale of canines on the battlefield and beyond. It is a seven point one and is worth one point. It was written by an inspiring author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent. This book is inspiring to me and I think that if you take time for yourself to read it you will think so to. There are tales of many different dogs in this story that are inspiring.I am not tell of all the heroic efforts but I will tell the main things that they do. They do things like take first aid packs to people, sniff out bombs, find people who are trying to harm the air force, navy, etc. They also help the injured. One dog even laid on it’s dying handler until the doctor came. Some of the dogs in this story are nominated as the, for example world war one hero.

This tale is also very sad. Some of the dogs die because they were in the war and they were protecting their handlers. Some of the dogs have gotten statues made to honor their heroic efforts. Some of the dogs have been honored in parades and marches. Lots of the dogs who go into the wars don’t know that they’re fighting for our country. They just think that they’re playing a large game of hide and seek. Some dogs are known world wide. Other are just known by their handlers. But all in all the dogs who fight in our country should be equally appreciated.
The dogs are trained from birth so when the dogs are old enough to start the keepers will give all the pups a test to see if they meet the standards. The dogs who make it will be united with their handlers and while the dogs do their training the handlers will use cans as dogs to learn to handle the dogs.
So check out this story before they’re all gone. (There is only one copy in the library so try to find one at your local library).

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