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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman

Review by: Jordan H.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

It relates to teenagers

The book Jake, reinvented by Gordon Korman is a frighteningly realistic, yet ironically fictional, story about the pressures of high school and just how far teenagers are willing to go to fit in. Rick, the best friend of the big man on campus Todd, narrates the sudden arrival of the ever so charming Jake Garret. No one knows where he came from, but they do know that he throws the best parties every Friday night.
With football season arriving we come to find that Jake is the new long snapper of the team. Curious to know more about this mystery man Rick decides to ask coach about where Jake came from, but is surprised when the coach tells Rick that he doesn't even know what school, city, or state Jake is from. The coach explains that he didn't get a transcript or even bothered to ask where Jake was from, and tells Rick that Jake begged to put him on the team. This only confuses Rick more, and makes him more determined to unravel this mystery.
As the days go on, Rick and Jake start to hang out more often. While they are together a series of events take place that build the anticipation of who Jake Garret really is. The trips to college campuses and where Jake is getting the money for these crazy parties makes it seem as if Jake is very high on the social ladder, that is until Jake tells Rick to invite Didi, Todd's gorgeous girlfriend, to his party one night. That is when the mystery begins to unveil. We find that Jake used to be Didi's math tutor at her old school, but he wasn't the smooth talking, good looking guy that he was now. Lies, betrayal, and confrontation are what is to come when you continue reading this fictional story that is sure to keep you turning pages. Then finally at the end you find out exactly what Jake has been hiding.
All and all this book was an enjoyable book. If you like a good thriller then Jake, reinvented would be a good choice to read. Each page is full of vivid detail, and lingering questions about this enigmatic high school boy. I really liked that fact that the book kept you guessing, and just when you thought you had figured out what Jake had been hiding, you find out that there is more to uncover.
Although the book really built up your anticipation, your expectations aren't exactly met at the end of the book. Don't get me wrong, the ending isn't predictable, but it isn't what you would expect it to be. The eagerness to get to the end of the book to find out what the book secret is builds up so much, but the outcome isn't as shocking as expected.

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