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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Girl, Stolen by April Henry

Review by: Hannah V.
Michigan, Grade 7

Imagine you were just sitting in your car, waiting for your stepmother, Danielle, to get your pneumonia prescription. Soon, you hear someone open the car door. You can't see them - because you're blind, but you can hear and smell them. They don’t smell like Danielle, just the foul stench of cigarette smoke. They don’t offer you your prescription, but instead drive far, far away.

In the book Girl, Stolen by April Henry, you will find that Cheyenne is not an “ordinary” girl. SInce her father is the president of Nike, a famous sporting goods store, you may think she has it all. But she doesn’t, because Cheyenne is blind. When Griffin carjacks the family van with Cheyenne inside, she freezes with fear. But Griffin didn’t know that Cheyenne was in the backseat. Throughout the story, Cheyenne fights to escape. Cheyenne thinks Griffin is okay and all, but that means nothing compared to what he has done. Roy, Griffin’s father, wants a ransom of over 5 million dollars from Cheyenne’s father. After a few days of being held from the world, Cheyenne knows what she must do. She has the choice between the urge to kill - or not to kill.

I enjoyed this book because the tension never stopped. There were many twists and many great writing techniques. I loved the snapshots, which really let me hear, smell, and see what was happening. For example, “The house smelled funky, like mold, bacon grease, and cigarettes” (p. 36). His sensory language helped me smell what Cheyenne is smelling. There were also many similes and metaphors, which allowed me to compare what was happening to what the author wrote. For example, “My dad likes to tell me he’s like a fighter pilot” (p.59). This lets you know that Griffin’s father is full of himself, tough, and that he surely can bark out orders. This was very helpful when trying to picture this particular character.

I recommend this young-adult crime novel to anyone who enjoys mystery and suspense. It doesn’t matter if you are girl or boy, 12 or 60, this is a must read. With this page turner, you will surely be hooked. Mostly, I would recommend this to the ones who enjoy crazy and unexpected twists, cliffhangers, and even chillers. This book really creates the suspense a reader would be looking for. If you love to read any book including fright, this is a book for you.

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