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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Star Split by Kathryn Lasky

Review by: Kamryn W.
Ohio, Grade 10

Star Split by Kathryn Lasky is a book that is set in a futuristic society. Darci Murlowe is a
young teen in this book. Darci has to overcome many challenges living in a world where all
people are genetically modified. Some humans undergo genetic testing and any potential
disease is taken from their genes and they are called originals. But, most people in this society
are genetically changed by adding a chromosome to them to give them more traits. Darci is told
that she has the extra chromosome.
I loved this book because I like books that are set in a futuristic setting, and since it is set
in time to come, it is a science fiction book. I have never really thought about what life would be
like in the years to come, but this book really put me in perspective of what could happen in the
years to come. Right now many of the genetic alterations that are being done in the book don't
seem possible but in the future there may be more information about how genes and
chromosomes can be altered.
Darci loves to rock climb and she works really hard to get better at it, so during the
summer Darci goes to a rock climbing camp. While at camp, Darci was climbing one of the
rocks and suddenly she stops when she sees a girl. The girl she sees looks exactly like her so
she thought she was looking in a mirror. Vivian, the other girl, also realize that they look like the
same person. Darci and Vivian both realize what happened with the girls and why they looked to
be the exact same person. They were cloned. Darci realizes that Vivian is cloned from her
because she had the earlier birthday.
Being cloned was illegal to do in their society. Cloning was called umbellation and it was
only used on few people. People who were smart and were looking at genetic testing were the
only people who became umbellated, unless it is the Prima who was the ruler of the country.
The smart people needed to be copied so that their clones could continue the work from right
where they left off. Both the girls knew what would happen to them if they were seen together in
public and it would not be good. Darci said, ''We can never see each other again. NEVER! Do
you understand that?'' (102). The girls agreed that they could not have contact with each other.
Kathryn Lasky wrote this book like a mystery. At the beginning of the book it tells us that
Darci's family is a normal family living in a small town and she likes to climb rocks. But, I don't
know why that would be important to a young girl. When she is at the camp I could tell that
something about the book was about to go for a turn, and that was my favorite part. I liked that
part because it was something illegal that was done to give the book the sense of mystery.

I think that this book would be a suitable book for junior high kids. It is fairly easy reading
and the story line would be something that they would like to read. It is a storyline that many
popular books have and they have been made into movies.

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