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  Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz

Review by: Andrew F.
Ohio, Grade 6

‘’Survive at all cost’’ 10 concentration camps and each one is worse than the other.In this book a boy named Yanke is on his own when his whole family is killed by the Nazis.He lives in a pigeon coop on his apartment roof trying to survive on his own.Until one day as he was walking in the street he gets caught by a Nazi soilder and is taken to a concentration camp where he must work to survive.But a couple months in one concentrationcamp you get moved to another and the only thing you can do is work,survive,be selfish,and dont talk to any one.Yanke incounters some dangerous things in the way like Goeth and Moonface which are not happy people and will do anything to get rid of Jews.

‘’Survive at all cost’’I recommend this book to people of the age 12 to 13.This book is also good for you if you like history.

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