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  The Creature Department by Robert Paul Weston

Review by: Sungah L.
Alberta, Grade 6

The Creature Department includes fascinating details and unique ideas. Futuristic inventions take place and make you feel like you're actually there.

Robert Paul Weston is the author of The Creature Department. He wrote and published six books including the Creature Department. He has won four awards so far. Including, the 2011 California Young Reader Medal, the 2010 Silver Birch Fiction award, the 2009 Shortlisted, E.B. White Read Aloud Award, the 2009 Children’s Literature Association Notable Books for 2009. All of his awards were for one of his other books called Zorgamazoo. But The Creature Department will steal your heart away. This book was picked for one of the Junior 2016 YRCA books. He has also been nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult award.

Leslie and Elliot are the two main characters of this story. Elliot is the science geek. While Leslie is more of a goth girl who loves rock music. In this story, Elliot, Leslie, and Elliot's uncle, with the help of some creatures, attempt to save the company, DENKI-3000, from a takeover. They need to build an invention that will knock off some socks. Quazicom wants the company. Elliot and Leslie will have to use their brains and knowledge to figure out how to save the company.

Robert Paul Weston shows the character's feelings and actions. ''All the while, darting in and out amid the chaos were Elliot and Leslie themselves.'' Sentences like these prove that his description is out of this world. The author's words helped me understand why and what the characters were experiencing. ''Following you. Rustling in the bushes. Watching you with their giant eyes. Their giant, angry, bulging... Eyes! Elliot froze. That was no shadow. Those were real eyes.'' At this time in the story, I could feel goosebumps forming on my arms. The description startled me, and I was anxious to read more.

The Creature Department also has a special voice. The author's way of writing creates tons of suspense. Once I got hooked, every chapter left me guessing. What's going to happen? Who are they going to meet? All the pages were filled with excitement and thrill. Almost like the words were delicious, and my mouth would start watering at any second. As you might know, some books are boring at the beginning and then get interesting. Most readers will stop reading before getting to the juicy part. But not The Creature Department. The first page will grab your attention, it will wake you from your sleep, it'll make you get up an hour early on a Saturday just to read it. Even if you think it's boring, I implore you to read on. I believe that this book will be one of your favourites.

Robert Paul Weston goes into depth about every setting in the book. I could imagine all the large rooms, cool buildings, and spooky caves. His imagination is endless. Creatures that I wouldn't have ever thought of exist in the pages of this book. From a giant, one-eyed cycloptosaurus, to a tiny fairy bat. Character after character after character, I was in awe. It was as if they were persuading me to keep reading. I couldn't refuse. Minutes passed. Hours passed. Until... I was done. I didn't think I would finish the book. I wanted more. Then did I realize... that there was a sequel. When I got the chance I vowed to myself that I would make sure to read the sequel.

If you don't think this book would be an amazing read, think again. There are plenty of great reviews for it also.

''Stunning.... a bit like if you took Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Monsters Inc. and shoved them in a TARDIS.'' - BUZZFEED.

''A lot of silliness, a bit of rickum ruckery, and a giggle of grossness.'' - NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS.

''The creatures are a giggle inducing example of an imagination run wild.'' - ASSOCIATED PRESS.

''A literal Creature feature, with plenty of cinematic and digital spinoff potential.'' - KIRKUS.

''The creatures are the main appeal... and their antics, coupled with the strong visuals, will attract readers who enjoy imaginative, slightly silly fantasies.'' - SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.

So if you love over the top imagination, creatures, and futuristic inventions, you HAVE to read this book. After you read The Creature Department, you will want you to write a review for it as well. I guarantee it.

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