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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Leen K.
Mississippi, Grade 6

One interesting thing about this book is, it really connects you with the book and it simply creates and image in your head. Each sentence you read introduces you to a whole new adventure in your mind and that is happening in the book. The author really is a master mind in describing the characters, for example, one of the main characters name is Alec. The author describes Alec in a way that you can directly think of him as if he is right there in front of you, ''Red ginger hair shining in the sunlight, with a figure of a stallion's beautiful mane whipping in the wind, Blue eyes as blue as an ocean. Now, these are not the words the author describes Alec (but all the facts are true), but that's how the Author made me imagine him!. The most part I absoloutely desire was when Alec and the Black (that's how the author describes the Black Stallion), first met each other, I am not going to tell you how and when they met each other because I do not want to spoil the amazing book for you!, but I will give you a hint/ a little sneak peak of the book. Alec was on a ship coming back from a trip (I'm not going to tell from where or with who), and stopped at an Arabian cost at a post and they were leading in a beautiful Arabian with a black silk body, coming on the ship. Alec set his eyes on the black the whole ship ride and day by day feeding him little cubes of sugar. The ship name was the ''Drake''. After a few days on board the weather was not cooparating with the Drake and soon they got in a shipwreck and the black saved Alec's life and you would have to read further on to know more!. Later on, the relation between the black and Alec grew stronger and stronger and they got saved from the shipwreck and Alec and the Black reached home safely. Alec's parents were worried sick about him!. Along the way when they reached home they met a new friend, Henry. Henry helped the Black and Alec through future things they can do with the black, and gave the black shelter he can stay in. Anyway, I would advise you to read this book and recommend it for everyone!. In my opinion, this is a very great book and I could not put the book down from the minute I laid my eyes on the first sentence/chapter!. Out of a 5 star rating, I would rate this an absolute 5!.

I loved this book because the Author really put a picture in my head, and it really reaches out to me. I felt like I was there with Henry, Alec, and the Black. It describes things very understanding and does not just make things pop out of no where, It makes it Crystal Clear! Thank you for taking time reading my book review! I hope you enjoyed it!

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