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  Blood of Innocents by Mitchell Hogan

Review by: Ethan T.
Virginia, Grade 7

Tons of different charecters from the first one.

The book I read was Blood of Innocents by Mitchell Hogan. This book has 570 pages and was published by Harper Voyager in the year 2014. I read this book because my dad had recommended the first book to me. So after that I read the second because the first one was amazing and I couldn’t pass up a second version.
The main characters varied but the two it mainly focused on were Vasile and Caldon.Caldon was the main character in the first book mainly and Vasile came in halfway through the book. Caldon in this book is trying to save Miranda while keeping all innocents safe and he goes to the very edge to save her. Vasile is a magistrate but he quits his job stops drinking and he joins a group of veterans and a sorcerer to fight Khan.
There are some other characters in the book like Miranda who went too far into sorcery and is sick and must be saved by Caldon. Amerdan is also trying to save Miranda he is an ex-shopkeeper and now is joining Caldon and his followers. Caitlyn is a noble Leader and is killed halfway through the book. Anshul Cel Rau is an swordsman from the Steppes who is in the group with Vasile. Chalayan is a sorcerer who was also in Vasile’s group but gets killed because he was getting too much power.
This book was an Adventure book and is extremely well written. The book’s setting is set in ancient fictional times and is fast-paced without a doubt in the end Caldon has still not completed his journey and is most likely going to in the third book. I would give Blood of Innocents a nine out of ten because there are some plain areas of the book but every book does,so it is next too perfect. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a great book to read.

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