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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Execution by Alexander Gordan Smith

Review by: Mariana V.
Illinois, Grade 7

In the book there is a boy named Alex. He is a thief, a bully, and a rascal. He is taken away by these men with masks called ďRatsĒ, they take him to a prison like place called Furnace Penitentiary. He tries escaping with some other kids but, he fails. They turn him into a monster by inserting some black nectar into him. After a while they use him as a machine gun. He starts having dreams and spaces out a lot. A woman called Panettiere captures him. She studies him, takes the nectar out of him to see what happens. Alex is dying because Panettiere is taking the nectar from his body. Without the black nectar Alex will die.

One thing that I really liked about the story is that Alex is trying his best to get back his memories and he doesnít give up even when he feels like it, he doesnít. He canít remember anything about who he was, who his family is. Another thing that I liked about this book is that it has a lot action going on. The author makes you feel the things that are happening. One thing that I didnít like was that some parts of the book had some confusing parts and I donít like confusing parts. I want to understand the book completely. The story made me feel anxious because there some parts that left you with a cliffhanger and then told you the rest of what happened on the second chapter. I was so excited and nervous because I wanted to find out what was gonna happen and at the same time I was nervous because I didnít know if it was gonna be a good or bad thing. I definitely recommend this book because it is really fun to read and like I mentioned before, the author makes you feel what the characters are feeling which personally I think thatís a good thing.

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