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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers

Review by: Gabrielle J.
New Jersey, Grade 7

Recently i’ve been reading fallen angels by Walter Dean Myers. If you are a person who loves war this the perfect book for won a Coretta Scott Award. It’s about a young adult named Richie Perry who graduated from high school in Harlem ,but knows he doesn’t have enough money to go to college. So he joins the army.

They send him to Vietnam and when he reached Vietnam he becomes friends with Harold “pee wee” , Gates, and Jenkins. While the were training in a mining area Jenkins died by being trapped in the cole. Richie is scared and becomes homes sick.

Lieutenant Carroll dies during a mission and Richie has to write the letter to his wife and family. Richie begins to wonder why are they in Vietnam anyways. His friends just said maybe it was for a good cause but Richie wanted to find out more about the war. Richie gets frustrated and does not know how express his feelings to his family about how he was doing. He wanted to be home.
Richie wants to be a writer, but even though he is very smart his family has no money to send him to college. His father abandoned him when he was just a little boy. His mother is an alcoholic. That made him think that if he didn’t have an education he would become just like they had become.

Richie gets hurt badly in war. While he was in the hospital healing he started thinking that war is not god for him at all.

If you want to know if Richie stays to fights for his country or if he goes home, you’re going to have to read it for yourself. Make sure you can handle some of the upsetting chapters

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