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  Left for Dead by Pete Nelson

Review by: Sheyanne E.
Minnesota, Grade 8

It was the best nonfiction book ever!

Left for Dead by Pete Nelson. This is a non-fiction book. Could you put your life on the line to save others? It tells the story of World War 2 and how the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Hunter Scott, 11 years old, wanted to restore the captain's good name in honor of the men who served under him. The front of the book inspired me and I wanted to learn more about the World War 2. I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would because it jumped from place to place and confused me. I chose this book because I wanted to know more about the war and how it tells the story of the lives of people that were in it. I would recommend the book to people that want to learn more about the war. I would also reccomend this book to older teens because it would definitely confuse younger boys and girls and they would not know what was going on. I would rate this book at 2.5 out of 5 stars. I learned that World War 2 was a very deadly and very scary thing, but the people that fight for our country and save people from bombings and shootings should be honored for all their hard work and what they do for our country.
This book is a good book for information and other facts on the war. My one question for you is could you fight for our freedom? Could you risk your life, put it on the line for others? In the book, Hunter does a science fair project to restore the captain's good name, and to represent the the people how gave there life for us. I picked this book because the cover interested me. The cover consists of a war ship in the sea with sharks surrounding it.

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