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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Dylan T.
Florida, Grade 5

I enjoyed reading this book especially when alec and the black stallion were training.

In the book it makes me feel like the story has realy happened. A boat named the Drake could’ve actually drowned and a Black stallion could’ve been on there and there couldve been a kid named Alec. Alec is a kid who is probably 11 or 12 years old,and its his first time by himself on a boat. He went to Bombay, India to visit his uncle. They stoped at Arabia to pick up cargo, when they arrive Alec notices a croud of the passengers, then alec sees the black horse.

The hourse is so majestic Alec said” the horse is unbroken”,the horse is pure black and ferocious. The men struggle to bring the horse inside the ship. Alec wonders were they will put the BlackStallion. Alec is thinking” whos Black Stallion is it”?

The Drake gets caught in a really bad storm,and drowns. Alec and the Black Stallion are now standed on an island. Then Alec and the Black get saved by a boat bigger than the Drake.

Black Stallion and a chesnut horse get into a fight. The black hurts the chesnut badly. Then they get on the ship to go to Flushing,New York.
When they get to Flushing, Alec meets a man named Henry. Henry agrees to help alec train the Black.

Everyday the Black got faster and faster. Henry and Alec met an old man named Jake. Henry and Jake told Alec about two horses named Sun Raider and Cyclone. They are really fast race horses. Alec isnt sure if the Black is ready to race Sun Raider and Cyclone. Henry and Alec tarin harder than they used to, and the Black runs really fast. It suprises Alec and Henry but Alec passes out while riding Black.

During the race Sun Raider strikes black in the knee and the blacks leg starts bleeding.Alec starts wondering if the black will win the race.

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