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  Reviews of Realistic Books
  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Gabriel C.
Florida, Grade 5

I think that the book is wonderful with Alec and the Black Stalion

Black Stalion started when Alec boarded the Drake and met the Black Stallion every morning and night Alec feeds the Black sugar cubes but one night something mysterios happend the Drake was sinking! So then the found a island but Alec did not know what to do hunt or plant because if he hunts he might not get nothing or if he plants he might die before it grows so he chose hunting but something went wrong he did not get not one thing so he just went around the island and found a berry bush and started to eat off that. A few days went bye and heard people it was a ship he thougth he wold not get on the ship but he said I have to i need get on that ship so h asked can i board they said. Yes so Alec asked were are we going they said he was so happy he was going back home so he got back home he still had Black so he needed to get a shed or a hut of some kind so he asked already and she said there is one but needs some working on to do but he said to himeself and went to the shop got tools and started working he finished.He built the shed and started but he got in to the race he was the
mystery horse.But overall The Black Stallion was great.

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