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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Dead to Me by Mary McCoy

Review by: Delila M.
California, Grade 7

Its full of action and adventure.

Dead to Me written by Mary McCoy is a mystery book full of cliffhangers and plot twists. The main characters are Alice, Annie, Rex, Conrad Donahue, Jerry Shaffer, and Cyrus. The novel is about a young girl named Alice trying to solve her sister's attempted murder in Los Angeles, 1948.
You should read the book Dead to Me. One reason this is a must read is because itís thrilling and has many hidden secrets. Another reason to pick up this novel is because the book contains unexpected turns of events. Furthermore, this is a great mystery genre.
Everyone should read Dead to Me because itís thrilling and has many hidden secrets. There are many messages Alice unfolds with cyphers and codes. For example, when Alice finds a letter from her sister Annie she uses a cypher that codes out ďStratford ArmsĒ, the place where Annie has been staying. Also, in the story people arenít who they say they are, and the villains are filled with lies and false identities. Lastly, Dead to Me is thrilling because it keeps you at the edge of your seat in every chapter. For instance, while Alice goes through obstacles to find her sister's attempted murderer she gets herself into life or death danger.
In addition, this is an amazing book, because of the unexpected turns of events. Mary McCoy, the author, created this book with very detailed and descriptive plot twists. For example, Alice goes to find answers for her sisterís attempted murder she discovers the nicest people are really the most rotten and crooked people. Dead to Me reveals the true colors of people. For instance, Alice finds ways of each character to show their true colors.
Some people think this book will not be enjoyable because the characters are boring. However, they are mistaken because each character comes from hard backgrounds. It will also be enjoyable because of the great mystery genre. The last but most important reason of all, to read this book is because its mystery genre catches your attention in a flash .In Dead to Me every chapter has you questioning whoís the good or bad guy. For example, Alice finds out she canít trust anyone when her closest friends stab her in the back.
In conclusion, Dead to Me is a great, fun, and interesting book to read. You should pick up up this book and read it right now.

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