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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Emma S.
Florida, Grade 5

Alec and The Black got stranded on an island and they survived by there self.

Although, I’ve never been stranded on an island, but novelist Walter Farley made me feel like as if I did. Alec and The Black got stranded on an island because the boat they were on was in a storm and it sank. When people found them they took them back to New York were Alec’s parents were. Dad let Alec keep The Black at a stable with Napoleon, where they met Henry. After The Black got used to New York Alec let him roam around. Then when Alec turned around he was gone. Alec and Henry looked for The Black and finally they found him.

Alec and Henry decided to start racing The Black. Alec and Henry became partners. They try to get The Black used to a bridle and saddle. He finally got used to it, so they started racing him at Belmont track where they met Henry. Alec and Henry tried to get The Black registered racing, but it never worked. Jim Neville wrote an article about Cyclone and Sun Raider on how they are going to race to see who is the fastest. Alec called for Jim Neville to watch The Black race so he could be in the race with Cyclone and Sun Raider, so Jim came and watched The Black race and he put him in the race as the “Mystery Horse”. So they got all prepared for Chicago, but The Black wouldn’t leave because he wanted Napoleon to come with him, because Napoleon always came with him to the track so they decided to take him with them. So they headed to Chicago.

This book was not the best book I read, but it wasn’t the worst book. I really liked the last chapter of the book, but the first part of the book was a little boring. I would prefer this book. It got better and better as you read, I could not put the book down once I got to the end. You have to read it to find out what happens in the end.

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