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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Ellie M.
Florida, Grade 5

One amazing thing about the book is that it has such great friendship. I don't think that you'll find a book with such context and friendship!

To be honest Iíve never read a book quite like this. Iíve read alot of books, but Iíve never read a book with such a great friendship between the two main characters. The Black Stallion is about a teenager named, Alec, and a horse, who eventually get stuck on an island. Days later a boat sailes to another port to let them board a ferry to let them come home. The Black Stallion enters a race. So Henry , a champion horse racer, trains the Black to race against two of the fastest horses in the World. The rider of the Black is Alec. Next they venture to Chicago for the big race. Who do you think will win the big race The Black, Cyclone, or Sun Raider. I think Walter Farley has created a great story. If you ask me itís a Must Read.

Next, Iím here to tell you about the man who wrote The Black Stallion and a little about the book. The authors name is Walter Farley. He is an American author. He wrote many sequels to The Black Stallion. He was born June 26, 1915 , and he died October 16 1989. Finally was married to Rosemary Farley. I think the plot of The Black Stallion would be the hardwork and deaddication of each and ever character. Itís an amazing story it has adventure, mystery, and friendship. I think the plot is hardwork and deaddication because Alec wakes up at like one A.M.every night. Now think what kid would do that for monthos. That shows me that he is deaddicated to his cause. I remember one character said ďWell, kid, youíre on your own!ĒBRAVO!

Finally, Iíll talk to you about how GREAT this book is, and who are the main characters are. So letís begin!!!:) Okay first Iíll start with the characters. In the book, the main character name is Alec Ramsay. He is a tween. Next the other characters name Henry. Last but not least thereís the Black. He is a stallion. He is a majestic creature! Hope you like this book!

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