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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Chi M.
Florida, Grade 5

The horse had a friend.

The story “The Black Stallion” has predctable charecters, unintersting chapter titles, and weird names. The Black stallion is a book about how a kid gets stranded on an island then gets saved then trains with a horse he found.It is a very weird book with very many impossible ideas.

The main character Alec is a show-off. The little hot-shot Alec is a predictable charecter with “great idea’s” which he spreds out throughout the book.
Alec is a little know-it-all and is not funny at all.His divotion to the horse is strong even though he though he said “there’s food Alec you just have to kill the Black!”.

The Black, what a creature he is. They put him on the the cover of the book and he isn’t the main charecture of the book! In fact they didn’t even need him in the book and still make a bestseller! A creature like the Black, Sun Raider, and Cyclone don’t even exist. If there is any book in the world worse than this than I would faint.

Finally, I belive that this book is trash because in the book Alec’s parents aren’t even important.This Book would be much better if his parents would get more involeved.that is my opinon on the book.

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