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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Faith F.
Florida, Grade 5

How he randomly gets saved from a accidental fire.

Iíve never seen a savage horse before, but Walter Farley made me feel like I was on, and looking at one! This book is about a boy named Alec, and a savage horse named Black. Alec was on a ship with the Black during a horrible storm, and they just started to know each other, but suddenly, lightning struck the ship! Alec and the Black went on a island with no food, no people, nothing. It was only, and I mean only, the Black and Alec! This book made me feel like I was on an adventure of a lifetime, but all I was doing was reading! This book made my blood start pumping, and heart start racing!

Walter Farley did an amazing job on this book. If you like adventure, this is the book for you! Everything that he wrote, just.. It just.. I canít even use words to explain! The way he described everything, the Black, Alec, the surroundings, was all.. JustÖ AMAZING! I mean, wow! You know, this isnít my favorite book, but itís pretty high in the ranks! He made me feel like I was IN the book! But, what will happen to the black when they get home? Will they even GET home?

The reason I really liked this book, because at the end - Oops! Almost spilled the beans! You gotta read the book to find out what happened at the end! Hehe! I wish I could tell you, though. Anyway, you need to read this book! It shows a true friendship between a boy and a horse. Itís very inspiring, too! Even if you donít like horses, and you really donít like horse books, this will still BLOW your mind on how amazing it is! I would recommend this book to anyone, even a cat! Even though they canít readÖ My favorite quote in the book was, ďHe rubbed the Blackís nose, and then led the huge stallion through the crowd -Ē I canít tell you the rest of the quoit, it will give to much away!

So, did I like the book? Um.. I didnít like itÖ I loved it! Was this your favorite book? No, but like I said, itís pretty high in the ranks! I know I already said this but, would I recommend this to anyone? Of course! I would STRONGLY recommend this to anyone. Did you feel as if he/she could do any better writing the book to make it more interesting? Uh, no. I love it JUST how it is! I hope I made you wanna read the book. Ahh.. The end is just so amazing! If only you would start reading it right now!! You really should. Truth or dare? Dare? OK! I dare YOU to start reading this book, TODAY!

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