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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Emma F.
Florida, Grade 5

It is set back in a different time than today.

I donít go on many trips, but Walter Farley made me feel as if I was going everywhere in The Black Stallion. Alec Ramsay lives in New York with his parents, but goes to India to see his grandfather over the summer, but heís not the only one on board. A black stallion, a wild horse, gets put on board with Alec. Soon, disaster strikes making the boat sink! Alec and the Black have to live on a deserted island forcing them to use their surroundings to help them survive. Will they ever find a way back home?

The Black Stallion shows a story about a true friendship about a boy and a horse. I would highly recommend this book even if you're not a horse fan. Youíll see a begining of a new friendship. You will see that there may be so challenges in your life, but that doesn't mean to just give up. This book really gets into the meaning of friendship, hope, trust, and most importantly, love.

Between all of their differences, they stuck together and made it work. Thatís what I look for in a book. I donít know about you but this book to me is pretty amazing. Just give it a try and you never be able to put the book down!Itís that good, I tell you and I havenít read the second book! So trust me on this, The Black Stallion is one of the best books EVER!

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